Applying for tourism signage

Wayfinding signage helps customers to find tourism businesses and arranging good signage is a way that they can promote their business.

The Queensland Government has signage guidelines and a streamlined assessment process for the installation of tourist signs for commercial tourist attractions and service signs on state-controlled roads.

These guidelines improve road safety, provide positive wayfinding and attraction information for visitors,  as well as a major improvement in the quality and consistency of tourist signs throughout the state.

To apply, operators must meet all sign requirements and criteria for their category of tourist attraction or type of service.

Marketing your tourism business

Your marketing and brand is the face of your business. The below resources will help you make sure you’re promoting your products, services and experiences in a way that makes sense for your business, audience and goals.

Help your customers find you online

Digital business management and marketing skills are becoming increasingly important for tourism businesses.

Many of your potential customers will use social media, google and tourism websites to browse and plan their holidays, so it’s important your business has a good, easily-searchable online presence.

Use the links below to learn more about best practices for promoting your business online.

Working with travel agencies

Have you considered whether your product is suitable for the domestic or international market? The Tourism Export Toolkit provides the basic tools, knowledge and key contacts needed to enter the international tourism market.

About the Scenic Rim Brand

The Scenic Rim brand is focused on delivering our visitors a sense of the rich abundance of the region and rewards them with opportunities to immerse themselves in the region’s spectacular natural beauty, delicious local produce and the welcoming warmth and character of the local towns and communities.

Assets for you to use