Tourism regulations and requirements

Tourism industry regulations are designed to protect businesses, visitors and the community. As a business operator you need to be aware of, and abide by, the requirements for all local, state and Australian government regulations that apply to your trade and business activities.

The permits and licences you need to run a tourism business in Queensland will depend on the services you offer (e.g. transport, accommodation, meals) and where you offer them (e.g. National Parks, Recreational Areas and Forests).

Use the links below to learn more about the regulatory requirements from national, state and local government bodies.

Keeping your business viable

Business viability refers to a situation in which a business is surviving, according to its financial position and performance.

Assessing this viability is done by looking at a variety of indicators, such as the gross margin, cash flow, asset/liability position (including working capital), liquidity, debtor/creditor position, and funding/availability of funding.

Below you’ll find a link to self-assessment tools, for you to assess how your business is currently performing.

Managing your business online

Digital business management skills are becoming increasingly important for tourism businesses. Many of your potential customers will use websites to browse and plan their holidays, so it’s important your business has a good, secure online presence.

Use the links below to learn more about conducting digital transactions and keeping your business safe online.

Check the resilience of your tourism business

Checking in on the health of your business and looking for ways to improve your resilience ensures that you are ready for anything – from staff turnover to disaster recovery and more.